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Risk of flooding.

Peter T

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Just for info the Manchester Ship Canal water level was very very high indeed today with a very obvious water current and sandy appearance. Not something that is particularly normal for the canal.


Water drains on the roads along the canal were overflowing and covering the road surface at various intervals and the same was seen on Chester Road along side the River Mersey.


We have two canoes, one life jacket, one adult and two childrens wet suites, a body board and some goggles... should we buy more :o:o


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If anyone has any doubts about the role of the Ship Canal in preventing the town flooding then take a trip down to Latchford locks today and see what it looks like when the sluice gates are open. I?ve just been down there this morning and I?ll try and put the pictures up but it may take a day or so.


To get the true picture, try and imagine is Bridge Foot as it is today, full to the brim and then add to this the huge torrents of boiling white water currently passing through the locks. Scary!


Incidentally, while I was there, a young lad who?d just finished his paper round approached me to ask if this was all normal. Poor kid thought the locks were failing and didn?t know who to tell.


Bill :)

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It?d take an awful lot of water to fill the ship canal from Warrington to Liverpool so I doubt we can ever flood. Even if someone forgot to open the sluices, the water level would rise a couple of feet and eventually go over the tops of the gates. So as I see it, we?re pretty safe from any major flooding and all of the environment agencies maps and predictions for floods in this area are seriously flawed.


Incidentally, the video of the water passing through Latchford was with just one of the two gates open so you can imagine how it looks when both are open. On a lighter note, I also noticed that someone has posted shots of the wear at Woolston on UTube claiming to show the effects of all the rain we?ve had. Course the wear looks pretty much the same as it always does because upstream and just round the corner all the waters being diverted down the ship canal. :)


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I?m a flippin mine of information these days on boring stuff like this.



Just to point out that the Ship canal was dug out i.e. a hole in the ground rather than having levies to hold back the water so wash away as much as you like, it still can?t flood, it?s a hole.


And to Peter, the height of the bank is going to vary depending on where you are along it?s length due mainly to Manchester being higher than Liverpool. The bit from Latchford to Liverpool can seem to vary by up to seven feet due either to excess rainwater or deliberate filling by high tides.


My head?s so full of junk like this it?s no wonder I can?t remember where the car keys are.


Bill :)


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