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Lord Ashcroft Again

Lt Kije

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Not at all, When I looked at both these sites, trying to find out what Mr Ashcroft had not been on Panorama, they both said after Mr Ashcrofts Solicitors had been in touch, the story had been removed, It was also on other sites, I deliberately choose to include the Mail to which it is well known I do not like, To give perspective to the story, as otherwise it would have looked like a witch hunt from the left which it is not

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Panorama was very interesting tonight the delayed program about Mr Ashcroft, no wonder he was trying to stop the program, If you didn't watch it, have a look at BBc I player, the man is very very murky.


Baz tax evaition is money we should have had, as the problem is 180 times worse think of what we could get if we spent the time to do it :wink:

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Tax evasion is what we would all like to be able to do.

You need a good accountant (who won't be cheap) who knows the system.


If you are in business, your accountant (I believe) advises you to "spend" your money on a new vehicle, etc. to reduce the amount of tax you would pay.


Is this not tax evasion? It is in my book because there is one rule for the employed and one for the self-employed.

The only difference between the above and the rich is that they can afford better accountants.

Something we would ALL do if given the chance.

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So everyone of you Tories is ignoring the program last night


maybe just like evey one of you Euro lovers ignores the fact that every opinion poll ever done on the subject comes down on the side of getting out and saving billions every year?


Personally I was working as I said and didn't have chance to see it.


As for being self employed, Peter, you really need to earn a lot of money to get any benefits from it. Sadly I am not in that category and unfortunately I have an accountant who is as staright as an arrow!! :cry:

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but the man who paid for the election as you call him, didn't pay the millions of people to vote for the Tories did he?


He may have paid for a few extra posters and whatever, but at the end of the day it is ticks in boxes and Brown and his band of thieving socialists didn't get enough.

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