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We've spoken about the squad and the age of that squad but something that I don't agree with is all the awards nights and such that follow the Challenge Cup Final.


28th August..... Cup Final.

29th August..... Homecoming.

30th August..... Night out in Stockton Heath.

31th August..... Players end of season awards dinner.

1st September.... Lance Todd trophy dinner.

3rd September...... Wire V Harlequins.

10th September..... Wire V Saints.

12th September.... Albert Goldthorpe awards dinner.

18th September...... Wire V Huddersfield.


Mickey Higham last night after the game said that some of the training sessions after Wembley wasn't the best and for me all the nonsense above is the reason for it.... Far far to many namby pamby dinners when the season isn't even over.


This can go a long way to causing the fatigue and below par displays from the team after the Cup Final.

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In other words...the players have been caining the ale far too much since the Challenge Cup Win.


As far as im conerned any celebrations should be left till after the season has ended.


The pictures of the players getting drunk with Gary Barlow on the evening of the CC final irks me now as does seeing the players drinking lager in dressing rooms immediately after the CC game.


Its funny that we suffered a few muscle injuries in the period after the CC win. Alcohol is notorious for being the route cause of muscle injuries...it inhibits the recovery of the muscle after exertion and causes build ups of lactic acid and the like.


Its the CC celebrations that have caused this slump in form NOT the CC win/game itself.

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