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Man of Steel


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The Warrington Wolves captain Adrian Morley along with Wigan Warriors players Pat Richard and Sam Tomkins have today been shortlisted for the prestigious Engage Super League Man of Steel award.


Fantastic achievement - 2nd year on the trot that Moz has been nominated. Personally, I thought he should have won last year but this year I think Richards will get the nod.

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Anyone else heard these stories about Myler wanting to leave?


Apparantly didn't take his wembley omission very well and has fallen out with Smith/the club.


Shouldn't that be a different thread? :?

Going back to man of steel - while I would love to see morley lift it - I can't help but think Richards is the more likely as he guided Wigan to the top of the table with some awesome performances and goal kicking.

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Think sky have already handed it to Richards but for me yea he's scored lots of tries and goals but being a winger his tries have more to do with his service from the centre rather than some quality tries.


In terms of influence on the game, inspirational person that makes a big difference both on the game and to the team, always involved in things then Richards isn't the man... scoring plenty of points doesn't make you the best player in the league.


Tomkins is very hit and miss, some good games against some terrible opposition, some poor games against some quality opposition, he's a cheating little sod and it's been noted many times, he doesn't deserve MOS either.


Leading by example, influence on the game and the team, gives 110% every game then Morley is your man but i feel Richards is nailed on by the biased folk of our game.

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