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Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall


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Does anyone have any photo's of Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall prior to the development of bungalows & houses on Sharon Park close & Gilwell close, I'm interested due to my living in the area since 1961 and when my two children were young I used to sit them on top of the field gate to see the cows in the field also in those days they could also see boats on the canal.


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Hi, I'm not sure if I have any photos for you, but, I may ask my family. My Grandmother and Grandfather built a house in the lane, in the 60's,(they named it BELL HOUSE), when there was little less than Richardson's farm-where of cours,where there is now the community centre, Sharon Close, etc.

I spent my childhood summers with my grandparents, and have fond memories, of the cow and sheep fields, (and flies), and being sent to fetch jugs of milk from the farm, and allowed to help milk the cows, collect the eggs, ride Shandy and Danny Boy(the farmers daughters horses), and helping ween the young animals, with bottles of milk.

I am now 55yrs old, and live in Turkey, but my mother is still living in Bellhouse Lane. She may well have some photos, or you may know her!

I, interestingly, heard from my daughter, today that on tracing our ancestory, through census records, that she found a lady of my, MARRIED- name(which is not such a common name), resided in Bellhouse Lane, in 1891.

Local history, is so amazing!

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Ann thank you for your reply you had a childhood not far removed from my own eccept that although up until the age of 10 I had lived in Oldham St, Latchford, I spent most of my school holidays at my grandparents in Moore between Warrington and Runcorn with many happy memories of farms and the countryside. In the 1881 census there were two families living in Bellhouse Lane one named Brierley and the other named Wynne. if either you or your mother have any pictures of Bellhouse lane I would be very interested to see them. My good lady wife and myself lived just off the lane in Sharon Park Close with my back garden fence coming on to the lane, there used to be a huge sycamore tree that the farm gate hung on and I used to sit my son and daughter on top of it to watch the cows in the field unfortunately due to its age it had become unsafe and had to be removed however we planted a young oak in its place which is now growing well.


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