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No more Mr Blobbys?!


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Well for the 2nd time in a week I have nearly been run over by a cyclist, today one cam towards me whilst having a conversation on his mobile!


Last week another was taking up the entire width of the pavement with his shopping bags either side of the handle bars.


Are pedestrians allowed on the pavements of Warrington anymore? Am I entiled to defend myself as I don't want to have a brake leaver or pedal peicing my skin or worse.

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Originally posted by Watercolour:

Even if it's your son, that's a bit harsh isn't it?

Not if he was riding in the same dangerous way as the adults you mentioned :D


At the end of the day he only rides on the pavements becasue he has to...... so he can get from A to B safely and in one piece.

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Sorry I though they were adults as you posted at 14:46 a time when most kids are usually in school , my mistake.


re your comment

and your son does not and should not ride on the pavement!
He 'does' and I am aware that he 'should not' but at his young age I would much rather that he rides on the pavement than to become merely a statistic :(
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