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St Thomas's C of E school (the old school)


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Has anyone got any photos of the old St Thomas, school, I attended in 1950 to 52 before moving up the hill to Broomfield's in the first intake on it's openening. Our headmaster was Mr (Teddy) Reddish anfor some reason there doesn't appear to be any photos (that I can find) in the library. and Joe Brookhouse another teacher was Miss Charles who was about 4' 10" tall and a little tyrant, some say she trained Hitler.

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Hiya Algy, not seen you on here for a while nice to see you back again. Still into your old photos then I see... nice one :D


I presume you mean the school that was where the doctors surgery now is near the Church/Forge car park/shopping center.


I didn't go there as I went to Stockton Heath Primary but my brother did until it moved over to the new building near Alexander Park in around 1974 I think. Not got any photos though I'm afraid.


Think the old school was built in the mid 1800's so it's odd that there aren't any photos of it anywhere but from what I remember it wasn't a particularly interesting building.... but then I was only a kid so all I really remember is the swimming pool they had as I was so jealous as our school didn't have one... :lol:


Have you contacted the school itself or St Thomas' Church as they may have some old photos. I know the current vicar of the church (Rev Michael Ridley) was/is the chair of the governors of the school so he may know.


I'll see if I can find any for you too :wink:

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Thank's for the reply Dizzy, your correct I haven't been on here for a few months, my life is so enriched with wonderful and interesting events that I just haven't found the time, Yeah! in my dreams, as the song from Snow White goes ; 'Busy doing nothing working the whole day through, trying to find lot's of things not to do' then the wife cops me and starts moaning; 'You spend to much time on that computer', does that ring a bell mate.

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I wouldn't mind seeing a few photo's of the School. I was there from 1960 and can remember the Swimming Pool being built. When I first started Miss Charles was still there, but she retired soon afterwards.

my teachers were Miss Hewitt, Mrs Bowness, Mrs Eccles, Mrs Brody, Miss Sherwin, Mr White and Mrs Ashall (whose sister was in our class). Mr Foster was the Head.

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