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How's this possible?


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Here?s a baffler! Last night I went to bed as normal but woke up this morning with a really badly sprained ankle. How?s that possible?


As far as I know I don?t walk in my sleep, I live in a bungalow so there?s no stairs to fall down and I don?t believe in alien abductions so what?s left? :roll::roll::roll:


Bill :)

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And it's taken you until now to mention it 8)


Sounds like an a naff excuse for simply 'wanting a day off on the sick' to me Bill :lol:


If it's not that..........


Have you questioned you wife :lol:

OR were you playing out the Warrington Town match win in your dreams :shock::lol:

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It's still bloomin sore this morning but thankfully not so bad as yesterday. As it happens, I'm on a day off today with a wedding to go to at Loch Lomond but I reckon even if I died in my sleep I'd still get up and be in work on time. :(


Think this ones going to remain a mystery.


Bill :)

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