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Accupuncture or reflexology ?


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Anyone ever had accupuncture ?


.... ps first person to offer to make a little model of me to stick pins into gets a " :P "


Did accupuncture make any difference (ie does it work).

Does it hurt and how far in do they stick the needles.... :shock:

Sounds a bit dangerous to me cos what if they stick them into a vein or something.... ok mind going into overdrive now :oops:


Or reflexology... has anyone had that and does it work ?


Don't know anyone who has tried either and don't want to waste my money if they don't really work.

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if you are worried about acupuncture you could always try acupressure. similar technique but does not use needles just a poke in the appropriate place with a finger :shock:


:shock::lol: I'm saying nothing :lol:


Thought that was what reflexology was though ie pressing pressure points etc .. so much for google eh :? Will look up accupressure now :wink:

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Herself has had acupuncture and says it does work.


Reflexology is a fascinating subject. google it. I would think that is more beneficial than most other things. I guess that it depends what you want it for. (and no, I haven't had it) but a good foot massage also works wonders.

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And does she say it works or is he a dishy chap... either will do :lol:


After Peter mentioned foot massages though I'm not sure I could cope with that as I have the most ticklish and sensitive feet imaginable .... problem is if anyone touches my feet I don't laugh I go into a wild uncontrolable rage. Odd considering I walk round barefoot most of the time so you'd think they would be less sensitive 8)


Sorry I meant 'foot' depending on who's immagination is reading :lol:


Strangely enough though I do love the feeling of putting pegs on my fingers when I am taking the washing in...If it was possible to keep them there I would :oops::lol:


..........but just read that that is the pressure point for the neck, brain, head and sinus. The areas I have problems with :shock::lol:


Why on earth am I telling you this..... I REALLY HAVE NO IDEA :lol::lol:

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can you 'pm' me the contact details :wink:


Interactive site by Dorling Kindersley for anyone who wants to know which bits to press... scroll over the hands or the words to highlight.


Still can't see how pressing a part of your hand can affect other parts of you body though but hey if it works eh :?:D



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