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The Bourne Trilogy -


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Coincidentally, my grandson showed me the trilogy over three evenings two weeks ago with his DVDs. I also was amazed at the speed of the CIA techniques. It has to be fantasy propaganda to frighten non-Americans of our ability to follow and terminate hostile or perhaps innocent potential enemies. I became aware of this side of the CIA with Robert Redford's THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR.


I'm still laughing about the CIA assurance to President Carter that the Shah was in full command and in no danger shortly before the Embassy being over run by 'students' in 1978-9. What a joke of 'intelligence'.


I'm reminded of David Frost's old line on That Was the Week That Was. He's on the telephone as the camera finds him. He's saying: Hello? I don't know. --- ringing again. Hello, I've no idea. -- ringing again, How could I know that? ringing again -- "Hello British Intelligence."

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