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what thanks?


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Considering the amount of care and support this brave 18 year old lad will need for the rest of his life due to his awful injuries I very much doubt that the government allowance would go anywhere near covering all his future needs. He has the rest of his life ahead of him but unlike yours or mine Obs his has been changed forever in a way that we can't even start to imagine.... and yet he still remains possitive.


Very sad indeed but great that people are supporting him in such a great way. I wish them well with the fundraising appeal.


Brave lad !!

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Frankly, this is absolutely appalling imo - this lad, along with others, has given up a full life for his Country, and should therefore be looked after by his Country. Seems the mentality of our Governing class hasn't changed much since the days of the Spanish Armada, after which, our sailors were kept on board their ships to die of disease, in order to save paying them. :twisted:

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