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By Laws?


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Sure theres one to do with Warrington Walking day and road closures re animals etc.


There's another about being able to shoot people in Lymm with arrows on a particular day but again I can't remember the finer points. It's in one of my old books somewhere so I'll double check (if I can find it)

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when was the last time you saw a horse drawn Hackney carriage.


Not for a while, but there are a lot of old clapped out bangers passing themselves off as private hire and taxi cars in warrington which are nearly as old as a horse drawn carriage!

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I really like horses and I'd love to travel through the streets of warrington doing my daily routes in my own horse drawn carriage. Certainly wouldn't take any more time that it does doing it in a car.


Not sure about going on holiday to Wales etc though.... could need a lot of extra days off... COOL :D

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what a thing to post about your beloved. :shock:


it strikes a cord with me as sep 9th is my wedding anniversary. 10 years of wedded bliss, been married for 32 but ten were good ones :lol::lol:


as for bye laws still not found anywhere that i can read them. might have to have a trip to the library when i get five minutes.

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