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Old Wives Tales


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A few that are associated with bad luck ( if it wasn't for bad luck I wouldn't have any luck at all :lol: )


Staring at the new moon over your left shoulder


Placing a hat on your bed


Never get out of bed with your left foot first or you will have bad luck all day


If you see an owl during the daytime, beware of misfortune


When you leave the house and forgot something and must return indoors, then you should count to 10 before leaving again or you will have bad luck


Just a few associated with bad luck ......... add your favourite ones, and NOT the one that 'if you pick your nose too much your head will cave in' please :P

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:shock: Never heard of any of those.. EEK maybe that's why I have so bad luck. :?


I do always salute magpies though :oops:


And was always told that placing new shoes on a table was really bad luck. Not sure why you would put your shoes on a table but easily done if you come in with your bags of shopping :shock:


Granny also used to say that green cars were bad luck and people shoul NOT buy them :? I've only ever had one green car and the whole wiring loom burnt out on my way home from work one night... never bought another one since :shock::lol:


Another one is 'never to pass on the stairs'.

Now that's ones a bit odd as I can pass complete strangers on public stairways without a second thought but passing each other on the stairs in our house NOT ALLOWED :oops::lol:

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one i half remember was that if you see a new moon (or was it full moon) through glass you should turn the loose change over in your pocket to bring luck.


as for the getting out of bed with your left foot first, that would depend on which side of the bed you sleep on. i personally sleep on the side that faces the ceiling :roll:

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