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Cup Final Predictions


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Sorry to be a pessimist but the bookies have leeds to win, most tipsters are also going for the Rhinos and I have doubts about Warringtons mentality going into the game.


The biggest hint to me came from Garys interviews with Hicks and Smith, both talking about and contemplating defeat. If you even think about losing then you are half way there in my opinion.


I also question Warringtons desire, will it be as intense as last year or will they be subconsciously thinking that because they won it last year this year doesn't really matter?


Leeds to win by 8 and McGuire for Lance Todd.


Should be a cracking spectacle and cracking atmosphere :D

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Right well... Two weeks ago I had Leeds to win by about 4 points, then they lost Burgees and Peacock and to be honest my opinion changed to a Wire win by about 12 and was quoted on here as saying I cant see anything other than a Warrington win.


However I've since learned Tony Smith's team sheet which includes dropping Myler and going into the game with 3 hookers... My first point is that Monaghan is not a seven, my second point is that we've lost any pace we had in the middle of the field and my third point is that Higham doesn't deserve to be there as he's been terrible this year when he's actually played.


With Myler starting on the bench he could come on and add something different with Monas then going to his preferred position of hooker were he's most dangerous and use Clarke as either second row or interchange hooker.


With Myler not even making the bench that means Monas is left at seven with Higham and Clarke as interchanging hookers, anyone else playing at seven wouldn't be good enough like Clarke or Vinnie for example..... I personally feel Tony Smith may be making the wrong decision regarding Myler.


Warrington with Myler.... Wire by 14.

Warrington without Myler Leeds by 2.


Warrington with Myler Lance todd winner.... Monaghan.

Warrington without Myler Lance todd winner..... McGuire.

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Terrible decision to omit Myler completely :shock:


Hope Tony has got it right but i fear the worst.



I agree, but in fairness to Smith he does tend to get it right most of the times, so let's hope he has this time.


By the way, how do we know that Myler's missed out - have we had that confirmed? Can Gary assist with this?

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