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Victoria Park facilities under attack - what can be done

Geoff Settle

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Yesterday I was walking the planned route of the Sports Aid mile that will take place on Sunday March 16th at around 10:30am.


Looking around I was ashamed to see what was happening to the fence around the Skate Park - bit by bit it is being dismantled by hooligans.


I revisited the damage of the shot put net that I wrote about in the local media but It was also pointed out to me that fires had also been lit on the track. In addition CCTV cameras designed to capture images of the hooligans had been ripped of their stantions.


The old trim trail appears to have disappeared.


The relatively new playground looks good but has massive padlocks on the gates.


So it's not just round my way where the vandals strike it's also Victoria Park - exactly what control do parents have these days who ALLOW thier children or teens to cause such damage.


Good money has been spent on these faciloities why should we as tax payers spend any more - discuss?

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Regretably this sort of mindless idiocy that seems to characterise the behaviour of the "yoof" in Warrington will only increase during term breaks. As the kids and (after they've stopped hurling abuse at you, happy slapping you and then posting insulting videos of you on FaceBook or YouTube) and they'll say "Well, there's nowhere to go innit an everyfings all broken innit?!"



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