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Car crash scams?


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I have a unit fitted to my car which records while I am driving but does not save the video unless asked to do so either by pressing a button, or it has a shock sensor which activates on a sudden speed increase or decrease or if there is any kind of impact.


It is called a smart witness and also records road speed, position via GPS and any other info likely to be needed in the event of a collision. The video is very high quality and the whole unit can be fitted in about 20 minutes!


A nice bit of kit!

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how much did this unit cost, including fitting charge (if any)?


if it cheap enough then i wonder why insurance companies don't advise fitting them or offer a reduction for cars fitted with them.

seeing as insurance rates are rising because of the number of accident claims (with subsequent personal injury claims) then i would have thought such a system would be beneficial to them.


hang about though if the insurance rates go up then they get more money for doing the same amount of work. think i just answered my own question there :oops:

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The answer is to stay alert to what is happening on the road around you. Never drive too close to the car in front and when in a queue, always leave enough space in front of you (be able to see the wheels of the car in front), so you have space to move if the idiot behind looks as if he isn't going to stop!


I recently had a 4 x 4 reverse into my car although he had a parking sensor on board! Gadgets don't always work.

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it cost ?160.00 and it is self fit and comes with a spare bracket so it can be used in a second car. Just plugs into the cigarette lighter (although I have hard wired mine)


Silverlady.... with regards to parking sensors, I have always found that I know better than it does and as a consequence I have bumped quite a few things in my time!!! The problem is that a lot of drivers don't believe their technology and in the case of parking sensors; even though the thing is beeping its head off, the driver always tries for that extra couple of inches closer!

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Baz, apparently the scam is, that they deliberately crash into you on the basis that you've done something wrong EG. poked your nose over a give way line onto a main road or they'll just slam on in front of you. :shock:


It doesn't matter Obs, if they hit you or you hit them, it is all recorded in glorious HD colour and it would be obvious what they had done. Personally i don't tailgate and I always set my cruise control to the road limit.... the unit also records lots of parameters such as speed, direction, whether you are accelerating etc. as well as the video and GPS location. It also saves a complete journey log which is then replayed using google maps


Dizzy, I bought the unit because it would be so useful if I were involved in a non fault accident or one of these scams.... my car is quite big and would be the type of car they target apparently.


I had an accident back in 2000. I was in a brand new Rover 75 and had been doing a site survey so when this idiot ploughed into the side of my car on a country lane, I took loads of photos showing where the cars were etc. and it was those photos which eventually won me the case as the photos I took tallyed up with my version of the crash, whereas the other party basically lied!!


Their insurance were threatening court etc. so I mentioned the photos, emailed some of them and then they apologised and immediately admitted liability!




thank you! Not sure about insurance as I have never bothered to tell them!

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Sounds quite good actually Baz. Considering they are relitavely cheap you'd think they could come as an optional extra on new or high risk cars.


Soooooooo... where are the little cameras that record everything situated as without knowing whether you may be bumped from behind or the side etc it must have to record different views.


Also does it work all the time ie when your car is parked up incase someone bumps it when you are not there to witness it ? Guess they would need a seperate battery supply as it may flatten your battery and of course the gadget might get pinched :?


Like I say it does sound good though. Wonder if you could use it as evidence against the speed entrapment officers in Wales :lol::wink:

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