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apple or microsoft

Lt Kije

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Apple may dominate the market in PCs costing more than $1000, but who wants to spend $1000 when you can get a perfectly serviceable laptop for a couple of hundred?


Apple won't be able to increase its market share by much until it either makes the hardware which runs its operating system sell at a reasonable price, or allows other manufacturers to do so.


The iPad is not a proper computer, it's just a toy. And the iPhone has its well publicised problems.


The PC is here to stay for the fore-seeable future, but it may not always be running Microsoft products.

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agree inky, Apple will not allow other manufacturers in as they say by keeping it in house keeps quality up.


You might get a PC for ?200 but if it keeps crashing and doing updates and patches is their any point, spend the extra money and get a stable system. I bought a mac because I wanted stability, I have not got an iphone as they are to expensive and I would not use any of the Apps. The Pc is here to stay for the moment but it is not the best platform and does not come close, most of the features on windows 7 are a rip from the mac operating system. :wink:

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Good question Peter as Microsoft are always updating but maybe that's because they haven't got it right yet :lol::wink:


Anyway having seen the price of Apple's laptops etc all I can say LT K is that you must be loaded :shock::lol:


Think I'll have to stick to my normal PC and Microsoft for now but although I've had a few glitches along the way they have always been 'sortable' in one way or another.


Out of interest can you install any shop bought software on Apple PC's as everything I've ever bought or installed always seems to revolve around microsoft in the system requirements.


Probably a daft question but it's late and I'm multi tasking whilst making another Wolves banner for next week :lol: Kids eh :roll: (or should that be mums) :wink::lol:


DAMN my blades just snapped... that's your faults cos I wasn't concentrating on what was going on around me :evil::cry::lol::wink: Bugger :oops:

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Lt I didn't mean can you install XP/Windows etc on an Apple.... what I wanted to know is can you install other shop bought software on an Apple using whatever an Apple uses as it's main driving platform.


For clarification... could I, for example, install Sage Accounting Software, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Autocad or even Microsoft Office Pro which are the products I use a lot on my PC ?


I now I could google the answer but I'd rather you tell me as you already use an Apple :D:wink:

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You are not comparing like for like.


In general the PC is a low end computer while the Apple is a high end high margin computer.


The vast majority of computer users are only interested in emailing, facebook, web browsing, forums etc and as such a PC is by far the best option.

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Thanks :wink: You'll get your viruses soon LT when more people start using them :shock:


Can't believe there are people who only use PC's for emailing, facebook, web browsing and forums Wolfie :shock: How boring and what a waste of money as you can do that on most mobile phones these days.


Saddo's :lol:

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