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Council to thank Warrington trespassers


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WBC to say says thanks to Trespassers !!!!


Well that's what I think they should be saying anyway after the newly available images of Warrington Baths on Leigh Street have appeared on certain websites.


The council have a warning on their website too which states the dangers as well as how these trespassers are costing US money... Mmmm


We'll I'd rather pay to see more images like these than to give my money to the council who close down buildings on a whim or for my money to be used towards "soft market testing" exercises conducted by outside consultants (as reported in June 2003) to find other alternatives or funding which FAIL. Oooh and they also got called into scutiny due to lack of public consultation over the closure (June 2003)


SOUND FAMILIAR !!! Just a bit :shock:


Anyway like I say the council should be thanking the groups of people who go round taking such photos. It's plain to see from the 2010 photos there is not a cat in hells chance that the baths or it's building can be saved, refurbished or even reused now.


Quite shoking considering what they were like the week before they were closed 7 years ago :cry:




Rant Over !! :evil::shock::?

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Garys catching up :wink::lol:


Warning on todays front page news today :




So anyone thinking of taking a peak please don't as Council Officers say "that damage caused by trespassers could be expensive for the council to repair" :?:?:roll:


It's not the trespassers with cameras who have caused all the damage that can be seen on the pics it the fact that the baths were closed and abandoned by the Council 7 years ago and left to rot :roll:

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Same old excuse every time... :roll::wink:


I'm sure at the time they could have even applied for funding from various sources to repair the roof (or whatever it was that needed doing) and I'm sure other fundraising options or events would have raked in some extra cash to do it up.


Guess the fact they wanted to swap the land with the NHS probably was a better option as the garven place land would have been worth more to the council..... but that all fell through so WBC are now left with a derelict and unusable building which they dont want and no-one will.


I'll give the ?1 for it as thats usually the going rate isn't it :wink:8)


It's a bit odd when you read back all the old archived press reports about the baths closure and the plans/proposals/consultation and scrutiny issues at the time as it's just like reading the recent ones regarding Walton Hall.


Things don't change after all :wink:


You should look at the pictures on the various web sites Obs though as they are really interesting.


Some good ones of the old Garnett's Cabinet/Coop Print Works too with a notice by Andy Farrell to the owners :lol::oops:8)



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Thought you'd gone mad there for a minute Legion until I scrolled down on the link to the case studies near the bottom. Refurbed pool look great eh.


Now... question... how long ago WAS that done and how much did it cost? Anyone know ?


And after all their hard work the very same pool now looks like this :?



photo 'borrowed' from the very good website that we all probably know about now but I wont mention so as to protect their identities ... I croppped it though :D

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Another usual 'statement' used by the council when considering the options and recomendations re refurbishment, closure or demolition eh Obs. :roll:


There was apparently a lot of 'asbestos' in Stockton Heaths old school which was knocked down... well actually there WASN'T but it sounded good and convincing at the time... enough to scare some people :roll:


I have a copy of the actual 'not really any asbestos' report for that con if you haven't. :wink:

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