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8mm Video camera tapes - help please


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Whilst having a clear out I found a box of 8mm video camera tapes that we must have recorded on our old video camera some years ago.


Not got the camera any more so does anyone know how on earth we can watch them. Tried googling but haven't a clue what I am looking for :oops:


I seem to remember at one time borrowing what looked like a video cassette (that the camera tapes slotted into) for playback through a normal vhs video player but not sure if that was for the 8mm tapes or the even older type of camera we had before that one. I wonder where those tapes are :?:oops:


Cheers Diz :D

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Thanks Legion...


I'll buy a cheap camera to see whats on them. Cant for the life of me remember what we did with ours though when we got our little digi one. Must have given it to someone without thinking. :oops::roll:


Thanks Indy....


there must be about 30 tapes so it could be costly and there might not be anything good on them.

So so once I've managed to look at them I'll give you a shout about having some of the better ones put on DVD.


Cheers :D

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i have a video 8 camcorder somewhere in the house with all the leads and mains adapter/charger. don't know if it still works as haven't used it for a few years.


if you can't get hold of one cheap you are quite welcome to borrow mine whilst you have a look at the tapes.


if you have a dvd recorder with a scart input then you can copy them using that or using the leads directly into the audio/video connections.

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Thanks for the very kind offer Evils :D but I've got a video camera will play them now. Please don't ask where from though :lol::wink:


The camera has a black and yellow lead to the camera and a scart lead on the other end so I've managed to watch a few already.


I will try plugging it directly into our dvd recorder and pressing record and see what happens.


Do you know if it as simple as that though, ie just pressing record, or do I have to record it in a special format so that I can watch it on ANY dvd player.


Reason for asking is that we were given the dvd recorder but when we recorded from the TV we couldn't play the disc back on any other player or the PC so we haven't bothered using it since (something else which just sits there and gathers dust in our house :lol::oops: as we have a V+ box on our main tv and use that for recording.


Sorry for all the questions but I knew you lot would know the answers :D


PS Legion I have also found 4 VHS-C camera tapes so thanks for telling me those will work via a tape adapter earlier..... I need to get one of those aswell after all. :D

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:D:D How does that work then and could I copy stuff onto to DVD with it. Would love to give copies to some members of my family as I had a right laugh seeing some of them on the films that are over 10 years old tonight :lol: I can feel a blackmail moment coming on :lol:


Many thanks for your kind offer and I may well borrow that of you if you dont mind as long as you explain how it works first :oops:


Never knew that having a clear out could uncover so many 'treasures' or indeed cause so much confusion :lol::lol::wink:

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to play a dvd on another player you have to finalise the disk. this should allow it to be played on and dvd player or pc.


there should be an option for this on the dvd menu. if you still have the instructions they should tell you if not then you could always look them up on the web.

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Gosh thanks for reminding me :shock::oops::lol:


Believe it or not we actually found our old video camera (not sure if I mentioned that after my initial chats and questions).


So... in a way yes. Although the battery is naff we can use it plugged in via the mains and connect it to the TV to watch the old videos.

Only got through about 5 of them but it was funny :lol: (and rather sad at times :cry: ) looking back on old recorded 'memories'.


I wondered about connecting the dvd recorder to the tv, playing the tapes and pressing record or even just putting the camera straight into to the dvd recorder (if that is possible) and pressing record to transfer the films to dvd?


Another thing I considdered was....... My dad has a pc usb lead that he made to connect a record dec to his pc which has AV sockets on one end.... I wondered wether that may allow me to capture the images in Movie maker or something although it didn;t really work too well with the records :?:wink:


I was a bit scared of trying all my 'possibilities' though just incase I somhow erased what was on the tapes by accident. I guess it probably wouldn't erase them but I'd hate to do something wrong and loose such precious memories :shock:


Thanks for the reminder though I may have a play about tomorrow.

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Blummin clever indeed :shock::D


I must appologise as I completely forgot about your very kind ealier offer of the loan of your video 8 recorder once I'd managed to watch some of the videos :oops: as for the other devices you have ......


.............I might move in with you if that's ok with you wife :D:lol:


Once I've sussed out this wireless internet connection my son seems to have I'll be back to thinking about my old video tapes so I will be in touch very soon :wink:

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