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The cost of war -


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Well it's not over by a long chalk: the Yanks still have 50,000 "advisory" troops here, scheduled to leave next year and the same number of "contractors". The Iraqis still havn't formed a Government, 6 months after their "democratic" election; and suicide bombings remain the order of the day. In short, we are leaving anarchy behind and (as some of us said at the beginning), the Kurds, Sunnis and Shias will soon be kicking off - come back Saddam, all's forgiven! :roll:

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Its like saying Germany did not loose WW2 they just didn't win :wink:


Well when you compare Germanys standing in the EU and how the French cowtail all over them, I'd say they did pretty well out of WW2 in the end.


We spent millions and billions rebuilding their country for them when the money would have been better spent over here....


Such is are the victors spoils, especially now when Germany has such power and influence over our lives here in the UK

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