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Golden Square


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When I came home for my last leave on 8th May the "up" escalator from the bus station to Golden Square was out of action. I had my leave, went away for 2 months and come home to find it still in the same condition. Some advert for the jewel in the crown of the town centre shopping experience. What is happening? :?:?:?:?:?

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filthy racist!!!!!!


i will have you know that in every race that i have entered i have always had a shower before the race 8)


actually came second in the 100 metres once. was only beaten by the guy from british gas :wink:


i know from experience that getting an instruction manual translated can be very expensive. when at daresbury they invested in a new all singing all dancing milling machine. the instruction manual was in German. a local translation service wanted about ?50 per page to translate it and that was over twenty years back. ok so technical translations are more expensive than translating a letter from a friend. but this is because they have to make sure that they get the translation right. one word wrong and a few thousand pounds worth of machinery becomes so much scrap. :cry:

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I always thought they were new too. Great what a lick of paint can do eh if they are the old ones :lol:


Why do they need escalators anyway? I turn them into stairs to keep everyone fit and those less able could use the nearby lifts :wink:


I've just saved them a fortune :wink::D

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:D:D Brilliant...... I want one !!!! :D


I guess for health and safety reasons they wont catch on but I recon Beethovens Fur Elise should be possible without breaking any legs.


I might just try it on my stairs now (whilst humming the notes of course) :shock::D

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