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Game Before the cup final


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Hull FC at Home :roll:


Probably one of the worst games to have before a cup final, especially if they have all their big units fit.


Unless saints mess up big time I dont think we are going to finish in the top 2.


The narrow defeats to Wigan (h), Saints (h) and Catalans (a) have come back to haunt us im afraid.

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This is going to sound stupid to most but if it was me I'd probably say that the league should be put second for us now... Let's be completely honest for one moment if we finish 2nd we play Saints at home (Lose) we'll get a second chance and again will probably play Saints at home (Lose). If we finish 3rd then we play Saints away.... again lose.


It takes a quality team to defend the cup and to be honest a crunch game against Hull FC we can do without, Leeds are guaranteed to finish in the top 8 and because of the quality they have in there ranks they'll be more than prepared to win the Grand Final the hard way, unfortunately I don't feel we have that quality yet to even beat Saints never mind win the Grand Final from outside the top 3.


We have a 50-50 chance of winning the Challenge Cup again this year and even tho we might finish 2nd in the league have a very slim chance of winning the Grand Final due to the quality teams we will face.


Honest opinion from me..... Warrington wont win anything this year.

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After the semi-final win it's hard not to consider the Wire as anything else but a top team..Having said that I couldn't care less about a Grand Final...not bothered about even entering it. It's only the infantile Sky TV commentators who have managed to convince almost everybody that it is something worthwhile. It isn't.

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