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History Detectives required ....


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:x:cry: Well I would like to thank the brainless idiots who decided that it would be amusing to break into my Landrover last night and help themselves to one of my metal detectors. The car was parked on the drive just inches from the house yet they still had the cheek to do it despite the fact that they would have been very easily seen by anyone passing by.

The machine is useless to anyone without the knowledge of how to use it properley. As soon as the batteries are removed it will need to be fully reprogrammed.

Its not the machine that finds the artefacts, its the skill and experience of the user.


If any forum members are offered or see the machine on a car boot sale please let me know. I'm not worried about the machine itself as I can easily get another one from my sponsors who provide them to me as a product placement in return for publicising their machines in my films, TV work etc .........


The machine is a CScope 1220R. Grey in colour with a digital display. :o



Its about time people who do things like this are caught and dealt with properley. :?:

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Shouldn't leave valuable stuff in your car indy.. tut tut.


At least you can get another one for free and now you have publicised that fact they may come back for the next one, and the next one so sooner or later you can grab them :wink:


Will keep a look out but probably long gone by now like my other halfs golf clubs (taken from not far from you out of a locked garage ) and my sons bike :cry:


You are right they should be dealt with PROPERLY ! :evil:


Get gary to put it on the news page with a 'special :wink: reward' for it's safe return :D

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Make sure it's "accidental" Indy and maybe you should get a car alarm :wink:


Any idea on roughly what sort of time it happened?

I will ask if 'you know' if they heard or saw anything last night as 'you know who' has very strange sleeping patterns :oops:


..... but :shock: maybe who ever took it has been following your video clips and posts about your treasure trove finds and they spotted your car and its reg from your other film clips.


Sleep well Indy :shock::lol::wink:


PS wouldn't your request for info be better in the 'local issues' section with a more suitable title ie 'theft of metal detector from WA? - Information needed'


Oooh maybe dont put your postcode though or others might come after you too :shock::lol:


Like I said sleep well....... ps can you check my caravan is still there please :shock::lol:

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:shock: The car was alarmed Dizzy ..... but even that didnt deter them ... anyway breaking new development ... a car parked just 100 yards away from my house is causing police interest in it as its ben there all day and its locked up, no-one knows who's it is and it may be a stolen car dumped overnight .... did the occupants of that car have a go at mine but got spooked .....


its like Csi around here lol .... :roll:

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:shock: Didnt you hear your car alarm go off :shock:


If they had dumped their car with the intention of taking another and got spooked why would they take a metal detector... surely a road map would be better :lol::wink:


Hope the offenders are not 'camping' in my caravan and I'm suprised that 'you know who' hasn't mentioned all the goings on :shock: I'd better not ask her or it might freak her out :?

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