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How the Police handle Pensioners

Lt Kije

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The action by the Police was totally OTT but,


This chap drove off when stopped by the Police initially and then chased for 17 minutes refusing to stop until a stinger was used.


The chap admitted driving with a heart condition.

He was found guilty of not wearing a seat belt.


Driving a car with illegal tinted windows and illegal registration plate.


How are the Police to know if this chap is simply a dotty pensioner or a drugs dealer ? :?:?

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Seems over the top but Wolfies post presents the other side.


Wonder if he refused to open his door. Todays paper says that he ignored all the flashing blue lights cos he thought they were escorting him home and only stopped when he came up to the stinger device.


The "pensioner" thing seems a bit emotive to me. He was simply a driver who could have killed someone and apparently nearly did.


Happy days

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A 17 minute police chase where the pensioner didn't brake the speed limit once and drove between 30 and 39 mph at all times :wink:


Hardly like he was trying to get away and outrun the police :? although that sort of speed may seem very fast for some pensioners :wink::lol:


Better footage of the chase with commentary from the police here and the end result DOES seem rather OTT but he was in Wales :wink::shock:



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Maybe, but surely the thug that was trying to smash the drivers window would have realised that he was an old man and not a drugs dealer, plus they had already stopped him before so they knew he was not a danger...


I just sums up what the police are coming to these days IMHO. They seem to be turning into some kind of rabble out for a fight rather than to uphold the law - Look at the copper who was caught on CCTV scrubbing some drunken lads face into the tarmac while trying to arrest him and then punching him relentlessly.... it isn't right.


It has changed a hell of a lot since Harrys day by the looks of things, because the coppers just don't seem to be able to control a situation without resorting to violence; the above video, the Ian Tomlinson case, the one I have listed above and of course that thug called Delroy Smelly who thought it would be a good idea to backhand and baton some small woman who was screaming and shouting at him.....


I used to have a lot of respect for the police, but with more and more of these incidents coming to light and especially with everyone carrying camera phones these days; it gets more coverage. None of the incidents above posed any physical threats to the coppers involved, but they themselves opted for the violent response from the outset. Very worrying

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Typical of the Welsh Police; they threw in a few extra money making charges with the tinted windows and number plate issues!


I was stopped once for having front windows which didn't conform (they did conform when the windows were first tinted, but then the law was changed.....) The copper was very nice and told me I had a week to get the tints removed or toned down and had to get the car inspected at a GMP station in Manchester to prove I had done it.....


Window tints and number plates do not form part of the MOT (which would be the fair way to do it) so the cops can make money out of stopping cars I guess!!

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Mine are all legal Dizzy thanks.... but did you know that when they changed the tinting limits, there were some cars (Peugeots or Fiats I seem to recall) that became illegal even though they were fitted with factory fitted tints and not after market ones like mine had.


Mine were just a film and easy enough to take off

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