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Anyone into fishing - help please


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Where's Wingy when I need him :lol:


Anyone else into fishing ?


Having tried freecycle and ebay (getting outbid everytime :cry: ) does anyone know where I can buy a cheap but good comfy carp? fishing chair from.... the sort with ajustable legs for stability that you can attach things too.


I've now resorted to looking at sites on the internet but not sure which are reputable online shops and we dont know which make of chairs are any good anyway so could finish up buying a load or carp :oops: I'm at a complete loss :cry:


Any advice greatfully received but why 'fishermen' can't just sit on boxes or foldup ?5 camping chairs is beyond me... so what if it hurts their backs after 4 hours :lol::lol:

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:lol::lol: no idea what the difference is.


Thanks for the link but that one's not got adjustable legs :wink::P


Where is Wingnut these days anyway... not seen him on here for about a month :shock: Hope he's not done a runner with Pauk K + Lymm Parent :lol:

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Good advice from Indy Diz.

The Korum chair is designed to take most accessories. It also fits neatly onto the back of the Korum rucksack if you decide to get one. It is a purpose built chair.


I'd recomend Daves of Middlewich for a viewing and good helpfull advice. Only 15 mins up the motorway.

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:D:D it would appear so :wink:


Thanks Wingy and Indy... Korum it is then but having seen the price for just the chair (cheapest being ?60+ :shock: ) I think the young wipper snapper may have to save up for a bit longer or do some extra chores :shock::wink:


Guess we shouldn't have encouraced him back into fishing :lol:


Anyway wingy where have you been ??? :wink:

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For your son is it Dis? One more Time Bandit on the banks then eh? :wink:

If it's specifically a chair for Carp/Specimen fishing, then he would be better off with a straight forward chair without attatching any accessories to it. Mine is a roaver type chair and I've had it for years. It cost around ?40 from the shop mentioned.


The Korum would be more suited for match type fishing, the kind which you see on the canal. He can get a decent chair for Carp/Specimen fishing a lot cheaper.


I'll ask around from some of the lads. Other than that, I'll have a chat with your son if you like, just to find out exactly what he wants. Otherwise he could waste his money in buying the wrong type.


Have a look at this one. www.mullarkeys.co.uk/fishing/chairs-and-bedchairs/chairs/0/starbaits/9377/


Similar to mine, and a reputable company. I've seen one second hand for ten squid. Don't dismiss genuine second hand fishing gear, there are loads of it about.


The reason I have not been about is that I was abducted by Aliens. As Sid says, they were after me Mams black pudding recipe. I was forced to sign the official secrets act so can't say anything about it.

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:lol::lol: You and your mams black puddings :lol: Have you ever tried them as bait :wink:


Thanks for the extra info... I think he would be wise having a chat with you. I'll pm you our phone number in a sec.


We were ideally looking for a second hand one but can't find any advertised anywhere :cry:


Speak to you later hopefully, cheers :wink:

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Glad to be of help Dizz. I knew I'd come in usefull to somebody one day. :wink:


All we need now is to get him to do a night session with me and Grubby Pants as our guest. You wouldn't know him when we brought him back the next day. :D



Seriously though. He would be most welcome, and it would broaden his horizons on the fishing scene.

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