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the Pope never rings

Evil Sid

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This one came about after my wife said that I had to have one day where I was not doing odd jobs for other people.so Wednesday was to be my day off.Her comment was that I was not to do anything even if the Pope rings up. as it was Tuesday I replied that the Pope never rings on a Wednesday and a little light went on in the old noggin and this is the result.


amazing the things that inspire you at times. enjoy.





The Pope Never Rings On a Wednesday.


What if the pope rings on Wednesday?

Was a question I was asked today

So I thought for a bit before answering

And this is what I had to say


The Pope never rings on a Wednesday

Although he does have the right

Some say it?s because he is tired

From praying all through the night


Some think that he is so busy

With matters of church and high state

Others that he has lots of meetings

And doesn?t want to be late.


The real reason is really quite simple

And this I happen to know

The Pope never rings on a Wednesday

That?s the job of Quasimodo.


Evil Sid 2010.

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