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Let them eat cake!


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same here in Australia,the grocery bills have rocketed.the junk foods are lot cheaper[not that i have them]but isnt that going to cause future obesity diabetes and a list of other problems.It will cost the government apacket to treat everyone with heart complaints etc.wouldnt you think that it should be addressed worldwide to try and prevent this from happening...where is it going to end indeed. :(

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A portion of fillet steak can cost 2 0r 3 quid; but liver and kidney at around 50p can provide a meal, neither are vegetables particularly expensive; so all round it can be cheaper to eat healthy food, providing an all round cheaper meal than junk alternatives - PROVIDING your prepared to spend time cooking it! :roll: Having said that: the current estimate on food price inflation is that it is around 15%; which puts the lie to the Government's claim to the level of inflation. :shock:

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Don't fancy brain but cooked a great liver and bacon casserole the other night which was increadibly cheap and tasty. As Observer says, buy cheap meat cuts, chuck them in a casserole for a few hours, freeze the remainder for quick, after work meals and you're laughing. It doesn't take long, just a bit of initial organisation and a decent sized freezer. Eat seasonally and locally and whatever you do don't line the pockets of the rip off supermarkets.

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