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Police Reform?


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While this is not getting any replies, the police don't need reforming, simply freeing them from all the home office rules and most of their paper requirements, plus freeing themselves for all the "do-good" work they do and concentrate on proper policing.


Would also help if things like ASBOs carried an alternative penalty which would be carried out in default. The police need help on the judicial side to reduce crime.


Any reform won't work. My abiding memory of 1968 when the amalgamation of our splendid borough constabulary was first mooted, is inspector Edgar Bretherton putting his coat on saying "I'm off. I know what's coming" (he had seen previous amalgamations failing to improve anything).

If ever a man was proved right, you have the perfect example.


Happy days

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whilst I agree with your words, there is also the small matter of the human rights act and European regulation and laws which must me adhered to. This is responsible for so much of the paperwork needed to carry out arrests etc. because one mistake and the offender gets off with the help of a legal aid funded lawyer.....


Top to bottom reform is needed in all areas of the judicial, policing and sentencing regulations in order to stop the crimes we have or at least deal with them properly.

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That's pretty much what i was saying. Simplification is called for, as far as possible, otherwise nothing can change.


Re-organising the police, say into larger forces, will merely drive things further away away from being local; ; create new hierarchies; and be very expensive. and cumbersome.


I know times are a changing but as far as the police service goes, a return to basics will improve 80% of our troubles. (an even larger percentage of what the police here are called to do, occurs daily on the streets the W.Worldwide covers).


Social services are another example,changing from simplicity to empires where the more experienced personnel are office bound.


happy days

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Well the latest one from the Home Sec, is that WE, should challenge anti-social behaviour - errm, isn't that precisely what Gary Newlove did - and is this another example of the "big society" in which everyone volunteers to take up public service for nowt?! :roll:

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Speaking of Gary Newlove. I was listening to radio Merseyside on the way back from the gym tonight.... and the mother of the scumbag Jordan was on bleating that he shouldn't have been charged and convicted because he didn't deliver the fatal blow.... she argues that if a gang of people attack and kill another person and no one is found to have administered the fatal blow; they shouldn't all be charged..... none of them should be!!


She says that convictions by association shouldn't be allowed. the fact that her son was there and did nothing to stop the attack isn't something he should be tried for


The woman should be locked up with her son!

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How/why. in today's enviroment would anyone get involved in challenging anti-social behaviour, other than by calling the Police? One either runs the risk of ending up like Gary Newlove, with the perpetrators spending a brief period in jail, if that OR one finishes up killing or maiming a perpetrator and being charged by the Police for a crime (even if it's in your own home!) - it's a no brainer. What they need to be looking at is "cause" - why do louts seems to relish the idea of causing physical disruption to others, why do they seem to lack the sense of moral limitation that sets boundaries to behaviour in the first place? I suggest we have bred a generation of spoilt brats, who think they are it, but have never been hit hard enough - cos smacking ain't PC. :roll:

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had to laugh (albeit hollowly) at the latest idea. i was told by the police not to get involved with tackling anti social behaviour when it was happening in our area. (still does but not as bad as it was).


now here they are saying the opposite. so how does that work then. do you go out and ask them politely to behave (like that works) or do you make a few phone calls and get a few of your mates down with baseball bats and "sort em out proper like"


seems to me that they are advocating vigilante-ism :shock:


if you do sort them out on their own terms will you be exempt from prosecution?


as for Jordans mother if it had been him who had been kicked to death i bet she would be screaming for the whole mob to be swinging from the nearest lamp post.

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