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Nazis at Buck House

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He can hardly have been "thrown out", when his invitation was revoked and he never even got there - however, his fellow BNP MEP did get there. :roll: Sure he relished the media attention this gave him though. :wink:


Sense of humour by-pass Obs? :wink:

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I would never vote for them, I disagree with most if not all of their policies and ethics, but I cannot stand the way they are treated.


Every group who operate within the boundaries of law as abhorent as their policies may be have a right to form and be a part of the political process. Participating in all the events this brings.


The true nazi's in this case happen to be those that cause Nick Griffin not to attend/speak as a democraticaly elected person anywhere where any other MP may do so. It is outragous that this has happened in what is meant to be a free land.


when we start to do this to one party, it can only lead to other such incidents for other less extreem viewpoints, and soon we will be living in a dictatorship where the right to political expression may only follow a single party line.


anybody who objects to the national party to the point of denying their right to exist and participate freely is far worse than any racist could ever be.

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So who is to say when they fill in a poll they are not just having a dig at the government and not really bothered about the poll :wink:


Legion I am have in agreement with you, they have the right to exist, in the case at the Palace though he was going round making political capital out of it, The Palace for their part I suppose were trying to stay above such things, and could not be seen to be giving support to any political party

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