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Path Warden Survey - Poulton, Fearnhead & Woolston

Geoff Settle

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It's been about two years since I last conducted a footpath survey for my local Parish, Poulton with Fearnhead. I also did Woolston as well.


As I'm about to give up my current job and take a break I think I'll get my waking boots on and see how things are doing.


If anyone has any issues with the signed footpaths in these two areas then drop me a line and I'll pass on the details to Graham at Palmyra House so that action can be taken.


It should also mean that I can attend the next Warrington Rights of Way Forum later this month so again I'll pass on any of your general concerns. For example one local resident wants action taken on what used to be a New Town path but came across to WBC in the CRA1 package, whatever that is?

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Doesn't appear so but I'm making progress on the New Town path. I've just come off the phone after speaking to someone who can provide the labour and tools for the work.


I just have to provide a skip for the rubbish and welfare facilities for the small work force i.e. toilets, food and drinks. It will be thirsty work :wink:


As soon as I can remember the web site to upload photies onto I'll post a piccy of the path with its glorious muddy puddles.


Does anyone know where I can get hold of a cheap skip for a good cause?

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I was talking to the local police officer yesterday about the possibility of working with the probation service on the path.


He then told me about a recent incident at the far end of the path where there is a small coppice managed by the Woodland trust. Youths had been drinking, throwing stones and moving logs. It was the latter that annoyed me most.


An elderly gentleman has taken upon himself to lay a lovely path through the wood to the golf course. On a regular basis wood chippings have been delivered in a huge pile. He has spent days and days filling up his wheel barrow and building the path. He completed his path with logs on each side.


It looked fantastic a real pleasure to walk along, I used to pass him at around 7am in the summer. He worked so hard that he had to take a day or so off whilst laying the path, he either was alergic to the bark or had a health problem. But he soldiered on, he will be upset when he finds out, but I imagine not surprised.

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I've just been out with the dog for a run and bumped into one of our local PCSO's. He was actually on his way to talk to residents about the stones. The youths not only use stones but golf balls that they find on the course near by.


Mark and the other PCSO's have been making spot checks but haven't got the culprits yet.


[ 17.11.2007, 17:47: Message edited by: Geoff Settle ]

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Well a couple of us went to the path in the Woodland Trust Coppice and cleared up the drinking den. I'll sort out the Carlsberg cans tomorrow and put them in the recycle bin.


I'll have to get more people to put the tree trunks back as they weigh a ton but it will be good exercise and should burn off some fat around the waiste. :wink:

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After reporting this incident to the trading standards officer I was invited to go out with her and the police last night to see how they conduct test purchases.


As path warden I have been reporting on where cans and bottles have been dumped in the numerous drinking dens. It was interesting to see life at one of the sources of the supply chain the offlicence. Out of five only one failed which is a marked improvement.

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