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Hicks Signs For 1 More Year


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Great news - I wonder what loophole they used?

Touched upon this in interview with Tony last week - and it was pretty clear then that they were working on keeping him- but they won't explain fully how they have achieved it!

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"The Wolves have not disclosed how they have managed to get around the overseas quota ruling following the addition of Bret Hodgson to the squad for next season but say they have remained within the rules."


I'm sure it must be all above board. but you'd think they'd just come clean and tell us how they've managed to pull this particular rabbit out the hat. :?:

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All this talk of working around the overseas rota seems to be missing (to me anyway) a rather glaring ommision...are we releasing any overseas players at the end of the season and has the question been asked ?


All on deals now other than Vinnie Anderson and don't think he is included on quota as been here for yonks!

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