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Ben Curry


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Taken from Wire website:-


Warrington Wolves have shown their commitment to the future of the club once again through the recent signing of young England International Ben Currie.


Ben, 16, has joined the Wolves from Golborne Parkside and is delighted to become part of the set-up here at Warrington.


"I like the way that Warrington put a lot into their youth teams. I see signing for the club as a challenge and am grateful for the trust, belief and confidence the coaches have shown in me as a player."


Peter, Ben's father, said that Ben fell in love with what he saw at Warrington: "Ben can see his future at Warrington and can hopefully reach his full potential here to become a star of the future."


Wolves director Lance James saw the potential in Ben as a player and introduced him to the youth coaches at the Wolves.


Lance said: "I'm delighted that Ben has signed for the Wolves. He is a very bright prospect and it is great to be extending our network of players."


John Bastian, Director of Youth Development, reiterated this importance of building relationships with local amateur clubs.


"Ben is a very talented young player who has so much potential. We've been watching and recording his development over the last three years and we are delighted that he has decided to commit his future to Warrington Wolves. Developing and building relationships with amateur clubs in and around the Warrington area is an important part of building the foundations that will benefit both the amateur club and the Wolves."


Ben's playing experience started out at local club Golborne Parkside from a very young age having watched his brother play. Coach Kevin Foster said that from the start he could see the level of commitment and dedication Ben would give to the sport. "Ben has been with us from day one and I can't remember him ever missing a training session. Even from a young age he had something special and has carried this through to make this Golborne club very proud."

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