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Doorstep Crime (Front Page News)


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All well and good but....


I reported such an incident which happened to an elderly aunt of mine some years ago now.


Trader knocks on her door and says her roof needs some repair work doing on it. He goes up in the atic and comes down with a handfull of maggots. Tells her it is a bad infestation and takes her to the bank to withdraw ?700 to cover the costs. That was the last she saw of him.


I went to visit her and she told me what had happened. My aunt was in her 80's, and said that she knew she was being robbed but was too frightned to say no or do anything about it.


I went to the police sation and told them what had happened. I was then told that it was my Aunt who had to make the complaint before they could do anything. I told them that she was too elderly and frigthened to do anything about it.


And so it went on for the next half hour or so. Me pleading that my aunt was in her 80's and too frightened to do anything , and the police saying they could not do anything unless she made the complaint herself.


I was eventually told to leave the police station or I would be the one getting locked up.


And oh yes, the police said they knew who it was as there was a spate of this kind of thing going on at the time. It was a gang from the Stoke area.

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