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Cone man strikes again!


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had to go to doctors today and as it is in wilderspool rd went via crossfields roundabout.


what a shocker that was. cones all over the place and they have changed the road markings. where there was once three lanes heading towards town there are now only two and a wide band of white stripes. the lane that used to go into town has now been redirected so that two lanes now head up toward the back of the hospital. only to be cut down to one lane at the turning for the hospital.


There were no signs saying that they were going to change the layout so imagine my surprise when i got in the lane that usually leads into town only to find that i had to suddenly switch to the next lane and hope that i did not cut anybody up in the process.


it was bad enough before but it is even worse now. maybe when they have finished marking it out it will make more sense but probably not.

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