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March 29, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Sweet Child of Mine ? Guns n Roses

Jukebox Hero ? Foreigner

Paranoid - Black Sabbath

Boys are Back In Town ? Thin Lizzy

Smoke on the Water ? Deep Purple

When Love/Hate Collide ? Def Leopard

Perfect Strangers ? Deep Purple

Falling In Love ? Aerosmith (TY ROCK GOD)

All Right Now ? Free

Woman from Tokyo ? Deep Purple

Ace of Spades ? Motorhead

Save Me ? Queen

Do You Hear Your Bedside Radio ? Krokus

What Ever You Want ? Status Quo

Here I go Again on My Own ?White Snake


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I Don?t Know What to Do ? White Stripes

Ride Like the Wind ? Saxon

Blue Orchid ? White Stripes

Run Ragged ? Jaguar

Money ? Pink Floyd

She?s a Little Angel ? ????

747 Strangers in the Night - Saxon

Sweet Caroline ? Status Quo

Crazy Nights ? Kiss


More Than Feeling ? Boston

Don?t Fear the Reaper ? Blue Oyster Cult

Don?t Stop Believing ? Journey

Lavender ? Marillion

Keep On Loving You - REO

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