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Promotion & Relegation ?

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Came across this article today and set me wondering if the insanity of franchising these so called expansionist teams of the future was losing it's momentum?

I just hope a new age of reason will soon be with us



"The reason that has made me change my mind about relegation being a performance issue is when you get 10,000 plus at Headingley Carnegie watching a rugby union game ? Leeds and Worcester ? because they were scrapping over the last relegation spot.

That's the drama and excitement of sport. I think we've perhaps missed that a little."

..John Kear..Yorkshire Evening Post



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just wondered about last nights Salford v Quins game


if it had been(as it once would have been)a relegation dogfight instead of the no prizes borefest it was . Do you not think the attendance would have been a lot higher than the abysmal(although understandable)turnout of just over 2,000 ?????

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Harlequins have never had much of a fan base and even in the 1970's when Salford had a team of all stars(even though they won nowt) couldn't attract much of a crowd. Even today in Superleague the likes of Wakefield and Castleford can't seem to add anything to their spectator numbers. The upcoming government cuts won't do the game any favours either.

The danger to the game in general could be the alarmingly low number of spectators supporting the game in NL1 where crowds of below a thousand are the norm. It's unlikely that these clubs could survive if by the off-chance they would gain promotion to SL.

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I am convinced that the lower division teams are poorly supported simply because there is no real competitive emphasis on any game as come what may they aint going to aspire to the dizzy highs of SL whatever they do so they languish in obscurity and the fan base drifts away to the nearest SL team or even worse to the local Wendyball side and once gone they are very very hard to get back :(

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