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600,000 jobs are expected to be lost in the public sector


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Just for clarification......Could someon please list as many jobs as possible that come under the 'Civil Services' title / 'public servises' titles or maybe just a definate definition as there seems to be some confusion looming :lol::wink:

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1. I do the work

2. I supervise the work

3. I check the work

4. I check the supervision of the work

5. I record the above four

6. I supervise the recording

7. I check the recording and the supervision of recording (Job Share)

8. I manage the workers

9. I manage the supervisors

10. I manage the recorders.

11. I manage the managers

12. I am executive in charge of managing.

13. I am assistant head of department

14. I am deputy head of department

15. I am head of department

16. I am assistant chief executive

17. I am deputy chief executive

18. I am chief executive.

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