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Terminal Illness?


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Self inflicted and the choice of euthanasia I agree with


Talking from experience, and seeing loved ones suffer in excruciating and untreatable pain, and asking to die to get release from their suffering, yes, the doctors and nurses provide a great service to keep them alive but to carrying on living with constant distress and misery of their illness, with no medicine or machine to relieve the torment of agony is no life at all.


The only way to get release if you are fortunate is to sleep either for a few minutes, hours or forever.


Yes, I believe in the choice to take ones own life, giving permission to someone or some organization to do the humane act on my behalf, to release me from the incurable suffering, but only if they was nor cure or no release from the constant, relentless agony,

or the threat of it being a criminal offence.

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