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What a joke.


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That's allowed, as long as Pink Ladies aren't. :wink:

Perhaps TD Steve has a view on this topic? He is very knowledgeable re. the taxi trade.




Yes peter can answer that it?s the home office who are at fault he was give a driving licence after passing a British driving test so he was not putting the public in danger he had a passport . it was the taxi enforcement department that found out and passed the information on to the police that?s why they are plated so they can be check on un like pink ladies who did put the public in danger that was proven in a court of law. I now work in enforcement of some of the PH in Warrington that why the big change. Also I don?t say much on the matter now as no one listen or will do anything about or it upsets the apple cart it so just go to the top and cut the middle information out. Hence no more posting on here unless asked a question

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....... Hence no more posting on here unless asked a question


Brace yourself TD :lol::wink:


Nice to see you back on here if only for a short time :?:cry: It's sad when people disappear that you have got used to being 'around'.


Speaking of not being around.. now you mention them I realise that I havent seen the pinks on the road for ages

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I must correct you LT K... 'Obs "WAS" ' as he posted that on the 18th/19th June and we all must have missed it at the time (apart from Peter of course ) :lol::wink::P


See what you've done now TD. :wink: By resurecting an old post you will have Obs and Lt K arguing in their usual way about the usual stuff and all topics will become one again :lol::wink:

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