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April 5, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Smoke on the Water ? Deep Purple

Knocking at your Back Door ? Deep Purple

My Door Bell ? White Stripes

Rocky Mountain Way ? Joe Walsh


Long Live Rock n Roll ? Rainbow

Animals ? Nickelback

Roll Over ? Status Quo

Vengeance ? Ian Gillian

Whole Lotta Love ? Black Sabbath

Here I go Again ? Whitesnake

Ace of Spades? Motorhead

Race with the Devil ? Girl?s School

Piece of Meat? -Scorpions

I Want You to Want Me ? Cheap Trick

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Space Truckin ? Deep Purple

Hammer to Fall ? Queen

Long Road to Ruin ? Foo Fighters

Kill the King ? Rainbow

Follow You ? Genesis

I Can Dance ? Genesis

Your Mama Don?t Dance ? Poison

Believe I?m Bad News ? Status Quo

Iron Man ? Black Sabbath

Love Gun ? Kiss

Detroit Rock City ? Kiss

Love Hunter ? Whitesnake

2 Out of 3 Ain?t Bad ? Meatloaf (waaaaaaaaa)

I Want To Know What Love Is ? Foreigner

sniff sniff

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:wink: sorry Mary, I don't listen to the show i'm afraid... its a Saturday night and i'm doing Saturday night things... Don't get home before midnight ... TMM it was a sensible question .... why spend time listing the songs in the show?? Gary already knows them as he chose them and anyone who listens will know them too !!! ??? :roll: Anyone who didn't listen will probably not be interested anyway


[ 09.04.2008, 00:23: Message edited by: indiana James ]

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Some times I try and catch Mary out.

It is all a bit of fun - Tony did a listing once when Mary was otherwise engaged.

No need for huge debate.

Mary - I like seeing the listings and you like doing it. That is all that matters. :)

The good news is that the show is so popular I will be getting a second slot soon! 8)

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