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Kevin Penny on his way


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The wazza guardian has a very interesting interview with Tony Smith about Kev Penny.


Reading between the lines it appears that Smith feels that Kev is not of the required standard for the Wire first team and is free to seek pastures new.


He says that someother SL clubs are showing an interest however nothing is definite at the moment. Wakey are named as one interested club by the hack who reported the interview.


In light of this it appears Kev will be gone sooner rather than later. Sad but its the right decision...the lad cant defend to save his life.

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The assessment of Kevin Penny is the only issue I have with Mr Smith. When Penny makes a mistake(which all players do from time to time) it's a hanging offence. When others make mistakes it's all part and parcel of the game. This reputation about Penny being unable to tackle was very much down to Matt King's rather eccentric centre play when he first came. King would go walk-about and Penny was the last man in defence facing two and sometimes three players. Penny would be my first choice winger next season..He's one of the few players we have who can get the crowd on their feet.

As far as him not being able to tackle I seem to remember a slightly built bald man who turned out to be not at all bad...He too couldn't tackle a good dinner.

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safers, Penny wont be at Wire next year mate. Smith has made that perfectly clear in that interview.


I think you're right - Smith just doesn't rate him, although as an out and out finisher he's as good as you get. I'd like him to stay but think the lure of a regular start for a superleague club will be too hard to resist.

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