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Indy a secret Millionaire ?? I wish ...


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Should a person who has been invovled in a police investigation and an international row with foreign authorities be allowed to post on here :lol::wink::P Only kidding :P


Fascinating Indy and I'd forgotten about those :D


Good job the owner contacted you before he threw them out eh :shock:


Hard to believe they were worth so much money as to the untrained eye they look nothing more than a collection of someone's personal atteppts at clay 'hobby' work.


Bit mean that the cypriot government only gave you a set of books as thanks for your honesty and for returning their lost treasures though. :? You should have got free holidays for life :lol:


Anyway just off to have a look in my loft incase my other half has 'overlooked' something.. I've never been up there.. you never know.. :shock::lol::lol:

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