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Carl Rudd


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Does anybody know whether or not Carl Rudd who plays for Whitehaven is the son of our old boy Chris Rudd ? If he isn't it's a mighty coincidence because he looks just like him. Good player too but not quite S/L standard.


Oh my, what a throw back to the bad old days - Chris Rudd. Wasn't he the part time RL player/part time electrician who wasn't very good?

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As far as I'm aware Carl Rudd is no relation of former Warrington player Chris Rudd.


I think you'll find that Chris Rudd has featured in Super league. Chris was a solid and reliable player in my oppionion agood servant to Warrington and a remarkable (in style) goalkicker.


I remember him putting in a MOM performance at Castleford one wet Friday night.......or was it a Saturday?........ and kicking goals from all over the show in a game that also featured an outstanding display by an emerging Mike Wainwright!!


Bad old days?? You must be joking............they were top times!!

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