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Star names?


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George Segal has been big over here -- first saw him in King Rat set in S.E. Asian World War II prisoners story. He's played a lot of banjo jazz events -- and more recently played a musician in the Apocalyptic movie titled: 2012 (based on Mayan calendar)


I'm not sure of the spelling of Seagal for Steven though.


Of course there was Audrey and Katherine Hepburn, William Powell, Dick Powell and Jane Powell.

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Cary Grant and Hugh Grant




Deborah Kerr and John Kerr

in Tea and Sympathy

"Years from now when you speak of this, and you will...be kind"


(Pronounced "Car" and pronounced "Cur"



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Obs -- I see your Demi Moore and raise you Roger Moore




Melvyn Douglas and Kirk Douglas




Rex Harrison and George Harrison (Hard Days Night, HELP, Let it Be)


James Earl Jones, Jennifer Jones, and Christopher Jones (Ryan's Hope)



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Then there's the marvelous British actor John Hurt -- first seen in Midnight Express, Alien, and recently in Harry Potter. Great voice over for Van Gogh.


And William Hurt, American actor trained at Julliard, leading man through the 80s -- Body Heat, Kiss of the Spider Woman, and perhaps in Robin Hood 2010 - haven't seen it yet.

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Putting a finer point on it:


James Coburn, Cross of Iron, Magnificent Seven, In Like Flint and

Charles Coburn, rotund character actor with a monocle in Gentlemen Prefer Blonds, Monkey Business (both with Marilyn Monroe)



Warren Beatty, from Shampoo , Bonnie & Clyde, Heaven Can Wait,

Dick Tracy, Reds, and

Net Beatty, rotund character actor in Network, Superman I & II, Deliverance

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