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We still lose to the big clubs!!


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Is it just me but I am a little concerned that each time we meet our fellow title contenders we lose

Wigan - lost - Saints - Lost - Leeds lost!

Doesn't matter if we keep winning all the other games if we can't beat these three we will not win the title or the Grand Final and will have to rely on the luck of the cup draw to win the cup again! :cry:

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Dont worry insider, the facts are as follows;


Wigan - We should have beat them comfortably and will at some point this year 8)


Saints - It was a dreadful windswept and very wet evening, hardly our type of playing conditions plus we were missing key players ie, Briers. Saints won that game with brute force which suited the conditions - await the game in august :wink:


Leeds - Key players missing and we were coming off a hard game against huddersfield. Leeds were coming off a comfortable game and were also at home :D


Tony knows what he is doing and given a full team and the right conditions we can/will beat anyone.

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Couldn't agree more.


We cant compete and win against the big three clubs and until we do we'll never really be challenging for grand finals. Forget all this we should have beat Wigan nonsense as the bottom line is we didn't, neither did we beat Leeds nor Saints, having said that we played the later two away.


We wont beat Wigan away but I'm fully expecting Warrington to beat Leeds at home and we'll see about Saints... We have to beat these teams at least once a year preferably at home as it's the better chance we have.


Were still one or two quality players short of beating these teams but if we beat the so called lesser teams and beat the big three at least once then were doing just fine, let's assess it again after our home games.

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Do 'we' really need to assess it? I'd be more inclined to leave it to the Coach who certainly knows far better than any of us. He said when he arrived a year ago that it was a 3 year job and at last nights press conference he said that we certainly weren't the finished article (and we're not). Just have a think about where we were a year ago.

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