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Wonderful Old Photos of Walton Hall from Algy


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Algy ( a member on here) has given a link to his many wonderful old photo's of the Warrington Area. His direct link to all the photos can be found in History Section on here under the Topic Title 'Supermarine seafire at school!' They are absolutely fantastic :D


However included are a few wonderful old photos of Walton Hall in all it's original splendour. It's an impressive building today but to see how it once was before sadly the council had to demolish a large part through decay and neglect it rather sad. :cry:


Noticed that the bottom one actually says 'Gardeners Cottage Walton'... must have been one lucky gardener :D


I hope Algy doesn't mind me posting a direct viewable link to his Walton Hall photo's here....but I've never seen these before and they are wonderful...... if you do mind Algy I will of course remove the direct links :oops::wink:











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Dizzy I don't have a problem with anyone sharing any of the photos that is why I uploaded them to Photobucket the more that the people of our town see them the more they will realise what a wonderful heritage we have, however some of the images show just how hard those times were for the majority of the working classes of warrington and without getting on my soap box we should appreciate what we have today.

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Dizzy, I had been adding titles to the photos on photobucket and hit a few problems so I thought it better to remove them to carry this out on my pc, I shall replace them in the near future and post on here when complete.

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They are back on Dizzy, you will have to patient regarding the titles as I am limited to what time I can spend on them, if the link address does not work just reply & I will be contacted on my email box. Also added 415 of the "Building The Manchester Ship Canal".



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