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Game Plan - The Bigger Picture


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I think Tony Smith thinks Leeds and Saints are our biggest threats this year.


The team that plays Leeds tonight will be someway short of full strength as it was against Saints.


Me thinks that Tony is holding back until we play these teams in the games that count ie, CC or Playoffs. For example no point in giving it all against these teams in the regular rounds of SL, better to keep something in the locker.


One thing that Tony has done masterfully since he came is rotating his team in accordance with the opposition.

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I'm not sure this is his game plan. I think he assesses the players to see if they have any niggles and then picks the team accordingly. I admit, that against the so called "lesser" teams, he's probably more inclined to rest players than he would be against one of the "better" teams.


Overall, I don't really care, because whatever he's doing he's doing very well as can be seen by our position in the league and progression in the cup!

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I didn't go last night so can't say how well / badly the Wire played. That's the third game we've lost to what are considered to be the teams to beat if we are to become part of the big four in the game. I still maintain we are 3 or 4 quality players short of what we need to beat the best on a regular basis. The astounding performance against Huddersfield last week was a one-off which we'll rarely see, if ever again. Despite Gary's best efforts I don't think Tony Smith ever reveals what his true feelings or intentions are. I do trust Mr Smith implicitly but I feel he knows we are still way short of being the real deal.

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I disagree safeway.


The odds lastnight were stacked in Leeds favour. We were missing 3 key players, Monaghan, Myler and Carvell.

Leeds had an easy game the week before.

Leeds were at home.

We had a tough game the week before...yes it was tough despite the scoreline.


Come the games that matter and given a fullish strength team we can and will beat the likes of wigan, saints and leeds.


When we decide to turn it on we are unstoppable.

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