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Lena Horne RIP


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Sad to hear of the passing of Lena Horne, although at 92 she'd had a good innings. She was not the greatest of the great vocalists, but compared with the trash around today she was supreme. Her original version of "Stormy Weather" makes any popular song of the last 30 years pale into insignificance - and over the years she improved on the original version! Will we ever have singers like this again?

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Lena Horne's - Stormy weather from 1943



Rather ashamed to say that I had never heard of the lady until today... however having just googled her (for want of better wording) she was very beautiful in her early years, as the above clip shows, and I would imagine many many men swooned after her :D:wink:

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That's the trouble with you youngsters, Dizzy. You seldom look back to the pre-rock years when much popular music was still worth listening to.

Lena Horne was quite a big name in her day and, although it is true she was famed for her beauty, it was her VOICE that really mattered.


Why do fans today want their favourite singers to LOOK good. Surely it is what they sound like that matters?

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That's the trouble with you youngsters, Dizzy.


I like you Adam... not been called a youngster for years :D


Personally I'm not bothered what singers look like and I completely agree that it is the music itself that matters.


If they are really fat, spotty, ugly and with bad teeth you can't see them anyway when you are listening to them on a cd or the radio :lol::lol:

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Just last week I caught Cabin in the Sky on Turner cable movies. Yes, she was big as 'the night club singer' in a dozen or more MGM romantic films featuring Red Skelton, Esther Williams, and others. I heard she campaigned hard for the role of Julie in SHOWBOAT, but Ava Gardner won the part of the light skinned 'darky'. Lena had too much class for films.

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