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Gostly goings on in Warrington


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post edited by Dizzy.... title of this thread changed as it seems there are a lot more buildings in Warrington which are allegidely haunted too..... spooky :shock:



Is Walton Hall really haunted. :shock: Would be great to hear first hand experiences of spookiness from anyone who actually works there.


Didn't know they held 'spooky' paranormal nights there from time to time for the brave hearted.. or gullible which ever it is.


Apparently there have been many weird happenings and sightings of ghosts :shock:


Allegidely ...


a woman, said to be the spirit of Lady Daresbury, is often seen walking the main staircase of the building. :shock:


Rumours of curtain opening on their own in the former library. :shock:


People who spend time in Lady Daresbury's old bedroom say they hear furniture being dragged and there is an air of sadness in the room. :shock:


People have complained of an unexplained and odd stabbing pain :shock:


Others have had the feeling of being pushed on the staircase? and apparently this coinceides with a woman who was actually pushed to her death in previous times :shock:


Also.....Eerie sounds of childrens laughter and strange sensations of tugging on clothes :shock:


Crying and things being moved about :shock:


An an old drunk who is usually grumpy :shock: (bit like my other half then :lol: )


Who?d stay in a house like this NOT ME..


I was only looking for photos and now I've got goosbumps after reading all that :shock::oops:


Bewsey Old hall is supposed to be haunted too.. I remember reading an old press cutting about it a while ago where the caretaker had said how he was scared ... will try and find it again

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You're on your own there LP... it would scare the living daylights out of me :shock::oops: although my grandma always used to say 'Its not the dead you should be afraid of it's the living, as dead people can't hurt you' :?


I watched poltergeist and she lied :evil::lol:

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It's ok my mum will hold her back as she knew how much such things used to freak me out ... unless of course my mum has got one of her rebelious and mischevious days on :shock:


Actually thinking about it... If I actually knew it was my late Grandma or my Mum playing silly buggers with me then that would be really nice :D:cry:

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