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Jan. 19, 2008 ROCK SHOW


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Don?t Break My Heart Again ? White Snake

Pour Some Sugar on Me ? Def Leopard

Gimme Some More Lovin ? Spencer Davis Group/ Traffic

Rock and Roll Angels ? Lordi

Hell Bent for Leather ? Judas Priest

Run to the Hills ? Iron Maiden

All Right Now ? Free

I do not know this title!!!Mark Bollen

Pinball Wizard ? Who

Don?t Stop Believing ? Journey

More than a Feeling ? Boston ? Wow the memories!

Welcome to the Jungle ? Guns n Roses ? theme song for my job!!

Highway to Hell ? AC/DC

2 Minutes till Midnight ? Iron Maiden


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Black Night ? Deep Purple

All Along the Watch Tower ? Jimi Hendrix

Please Don?t Touch ? Motorhead

Dude Looks like a Lady ? Aerosmith

Born to Be Wild ? Steppenwolf!! My First Album

Rock You like a Hurricane ? Scorpions

Hell Raiser ? Krokus

We Will Rock You ? Queen

Black Dog ? Led Zeppelin

Long Road to Ruin ? Foo Fighters

The Rocker ? Thin Lizzy

Roll Over Lay Down ? Status Quo

Wind of Change ? Scorpions - Love that SONG!

2 Out of 3 Ain?t Bad ? Meatloaf

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